Candida Penis Symptoms
"What is a Candida penis infection?" Do you think you may be suffering from a Candida infection on your penis? Candida, which is a fungal microorganism that mainly inhabits the gastrointestinal tract and skin of both men and women, has been identified as the culprit behind a Candida penis infection.

Candida penis symptoms show up on the penis when the Candida microorganism proliferates from the gastrointestinal tract and onto the skin. The Candida organism looks for damp, warm places to colonize on the skin and often, the penis is the ideal location. As are armpits, folds in the skin and behind the legs. The other main cause is from unprotected sex with a partner who has a Candida infection on or within their genitals.

Male Candida albicans can manifest itself on the head of the penis and cause a type of inflammation and rash that is called "balanitis". Balanitis from a male Candida yeast infection, strikes up to 11% of males within the population at any one time. On average, roughly 3% of all boys still in diapers will experience a bout of Candida penis symptoms.

Candida penis symptoms:
- Itchy rash, often on the head of the peniscandida pictures
- Clumpy discharge from the penis (rare)
- Small white clusters or patches on skin
- Small blisters on the head of the penis
- Itchy anus (if the Candida spreads)
- Gastrointestinal issues (gas/bloating)
- Fatigue
- Brain Fog

I've also listed above some of the general Candida symptoms as well since most people who suffer from male Candida are also suffering from an overgrowth of the fungus within their digestive tract.

If you're experiencing recurring or a difficult case of Candida penis infection, do yourself (and your sexual partner) a huge favor and save a lot of time and energy by treating the problem at it's root, which is the infection and overgrowth within the intestine. This will ensure that you are eliminating it for good.

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Men should not worry too much if they contract a male Candida infection. Normally, the treatment will depend upon the cause. When balanitis results from male Candida albicans type infections, it is usually the case that a topical skin cream will be administered over a period of time. This cream will help to eliminate not only the skin irritation but also any Candida left on the surface of the skin.

Typically, the root of the problem can always be traced back to the G.I. tract where Candida has likely overgrown. For permanent relief of Candida, males who have a male Candida infection, are advised to treat the overgrowth within the G.I. tract, thereby ridding the yeast of it's foundation. Educating yourself about what male Candida is, as well as what some of the male yeast infection symptoms are, can be one of the best defenses to stopping the yeast from spreading and growing increasingly difficult to treat.

Most Candida penis treatment regimens only treat the symptoms and not the cause of the symptoms. Therefore, certain types of diets restricting sugars and emphasizing meats and vegetables, have shown promise in controlling the Candida microorganism in the G.I. Tract and subsequently the entire body.